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E-didjeridoo is an on-going musical experiment with the sound of the traditional Australian music instrument — the didjeridoo.

The acoustic sound is processed in various ways and a new hybrid music instrument emerges in the process. The sound processing adds another layers to the music expression. The breath and voice controlled synthesizer features sound elements of a drum machine or emergent soundscapes and brings new style into a live music performance — the organic electronica.


hybrid music instrument, MAX/MSP, Ambisonic sound spatialization, granular synthesis, FX processing

the acoustic synthesizer

Imagine sound synthesizer, which can be controlled just by your breath and voice. Producing multitude of soundscapes, filtered sounds, rhytms and harmonies with your own voice in one moment. Add a wealth amount of physically demanding exercise and blend the excitement of a workout similar to swimming laps with incredibly diverse universe of sounds and music expressions.

the music instrument

Authentic form of world's known music instrument, the didjeridoo, comes from the North East Arnhemland in the remote part of the Australian Northern Territory. The traditional playing technique is called hard tongue technique and the instrument is locally called the yidaki.

the sound processing

Along with the 'traditional' FX processing few other techniques have been used in the process of experimenting in the MAX/MSP sound programming environment.

MAX/MSP offers wide range of tools and various patches have been realized using the following techniques: multichannel Ambisonic sound spatialization, granular synthesis, gestures in live performance using the Wii Nintendo controler and the Leap Motion senzor in the Motion Origami project lately.

Great results were achieved from unusual microphone techniques as for example using the additional aplification of breath intakes as could be heard on the track Once, recorded with guitar player and sound engineer Steve Reinthal in Brisbane.