about the album

The 'Barefoot Landscapes' album explores rich acoustic soundscapes, built over the exposed sonic landscapes of cimbalom and other acoustic music instruments. Work in progress preview.

travel the 'sonic landscapes'

Travel across the emerging soundscapes and enjoy this intriguing music, exploring novel ambient textures and micro sounds. This is an unusual sound exploration of the traditional hammered dulcimer coming from South Moravia and other acoustic music instruments, such as the mighty nylon guitar.

the setup of the dulcimer ambiante

Sound nuances and new emerging sound textures are revealed as the hammer dulcimer is being augmented with an attached solid driver speaker. The attached solid driver feeds back the live processed sound and the granulated sounds into the acoustic body of the hammered dulcimer. This results in rich tone alterations of the live processed sound and live generated soundscapes. Yet another set of acoustic recordings forms a base for a granulated soundscapes. The intimite sound & novel music expression comes as a result of careful layering of these individual setup elements –

work in progress tracks