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It's a strange realizaton how two completely different worlds evoke the same irresistibly elevating feelings - being alone in the natural wilderness feels to me the same exciting as playing with sounds or hi-tech tools. It's a wild realization as those two worlds couldn't be technology-wise further away.

The enchantement comes with the exploration & unpredictable

blend of art & technology

Daniel BartoŇ° is a multimedia artist from the Czech Republic. Most important attribute to his work is the blend of digital realm within the tangible analog world. The preferably invisible digital interaction opens up new creative world of experience. His work is focused mostly on sound, multichannel setups and interaction programming, while using other media platforms in the process as photography and animation.


Daniel's recent involvement with design turned into art residency in Brisbane at The Edge (Institute for Arts, Enterprise and Technology), where he realized custom designed and slip-casted porcelain sound installation as the sound resident at The Edge.


Daniel has also lectured workshops at various venues as for example at the SAE Institute (Byron Bay, Australia), Griffith film School (Brisbane), The Edge (Institute for Arts, Enterprise and Technology), Institute of Intermedia and HAMU - The Music Academy in Prague.

touching the sound

The mixture of digital realm with the physical aspects of sound and interaction is especially true for the following projects: Motion Origami gesture based experimental music instrument using Leap Motion; Rainforest sound installation porcelain sound installation as an interacting living element and e-didjeridoo (electro - extended - enhanced), where the traditional Australian music instrument becomes an expressive breath controlled synthesizer.



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