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MOTION ORIGAMI GUITAR Augmented guitar with LeapMotion sensor. See more ...


The Colourful Sound Of Trees Painting exhibition soundtrack Sven Roehrs / The Colourful Sound of Trees, Brisbane, Australia.

ICLI Conference in Brighton Motion Origami DEMO PAPER [PDF] + Raiforest POSTER [PDF]


Opus Musicum - paper publication Motion Origami patch. Sensors in music performance, research grant at Music Academy in Prague.

23 APR
Motion Origami / Touching the Sound - Dotknout se zvuku | presentation at Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno University of Technology


17 NOV
Motion Origami MAX/MSP patch with Leap Motion | presentation at Institute of Intermedia, Prague

Rainforest | interactive sound installation commisioned by Technical University of Liberec

10 JUN
Organic & Digital | lecture event focused on sound programming, multimedia and interactivity in MAX/MSP at TUL, Technical University Liberec

16 MAY
60 x 60 Surround Sound | multichannel track Lost In Heat - The Swell Season featured at Harvesworks, NYC

Motion Origami project - Sensors in music performance research grant | part of the research team led by Michal Rataj at HAMU, Music Academy in Prague

Sountrack - Away | collaboration on a soundtrack for a short film Away at Griffith Film School, Brisbane


06 DEC
Second Nature live & multichannel audio event at the Edge auditorium with guest lecturer Hans Tammen (Harvestworks, NYC) via Skype & featuring singer Heidi Millington and guitar player Steve Reinthal - The Edge, Brisbane

18 OCT
Sound Select event | showcase event, presentation of the sound residency project at The Edge, Brisbane

Sound resident at The Edge | five months long art residency at The Edge, Brisbane

07 MAY
SAE Institute lecture event - Multichannel Audio in MAX/MSP | lecture & live performance event with guest musician Steve Reinthal at Byron Bay, Australia