• Follow The Tiger
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Follow The Tiger

an improvisational enquiry by Steve Reinthal and Daniel Bartoš

Recorded & mastered by Steve Reinthal.
Artwork by Daniel & Oskar Bartoš

Track List

Grazing Centaurus | 3.08

Predator | 6.21

Once | 2.32

Mr Young I Presume? | 7.55

3.14159 Stone from the Sun | 5.12

Electric Ocean | 9.16

Probably Whale | 6.31

Puddle | 1.03

Selected Tracks

About The Recording

The album is made of collection of improvised songs captured over one creative afternoon recording session in always sunny & tropical Brisbane. It started as a spontaneous composition session and improvisation produced by Steve Reinthal. All tracks were recorded live at the Griffith Film School soundstage Brisbane, Australia, 2013. Selected recordings published in 2019 as Follow The Tiger album.

The Inspiration

Top of New South Walles and north-east part of Queensland is a very special piece of land, where the lush tropical landscape meets the wild Pacific ocean. Old vulcanic slopes filled with animals and oversized insect, while the ocean is home to the singing keporkak whales, sharks and dolfins.

Sitting calm on the tropical forest floor, listening for miniature sounds of inspiration. The thick bush suddenly lets in couple of light streaks onto the forest floor and illuminates old wrinkled tree bark. This is a satori moment of the inspiration, the excitement of new discoveries. Watching in awe as a slender shape moves behind a massive fallen tree log. You know the animal is there, yet it can't be seen. The breath gets shorter, the pulse goes wild, all the senses come together and you know, you know you have to follow the tiger . . .

Obviously, the tiger doesn't live here, in Queensland Australia. The Tiger acts as a rather well known symbol of the intricate natural beauty with deadly connotations. A timeless symbol of a divine inspiration bridging as far as back to baroque poetry and William Blake's poem The Tiger.

The instruments and recording the session

Full session and all the songs were captured on two Sony C-38 microphones with the Sound Devices 744 recorder. The album material was not altered or post processed. As for the electro-didjeridoo two separate amplification channels were used: the instrument channel and the nose mic channel, which can be heard most on the track Once.

Daniel plays: electro and acoustic telescopic didjeridoo, Roger Mayer Axis Fuzz, Korg Kaoss Pad, Legend amplification.

Steve plays: Steinberger GLT2, Fender Telecaster electric, Michael Palm acoustic, guitars, Seymour Duncan amplification, various SFX, Sony C-38 microphones with Sound Devices 744 recorder.

Another important ingrediences: Coffee. Yes, Brandon "on the bridge" with his great flat white coffees ...